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Akademia-Award-winning producer, engineer, and songwriter MATT MILLER side-steps these industry achievements to embark on something deeply introspective and personal; a transcendent, reactionary and vile personage embodying soaring progressive melodies and captivating crushing rhythms which engulf the listener in black clouds of desperation and shimmering hope.  Drawing upon the gut-wrenching timed-precision of European death metal stalwarts NECROPHAGIST and SPAWN OF POSSESSION, MATT MILLER progressively blends this approach with deep synthetic and symphonic atmospheres like that of DEVIN TOWNSEND, often arriving at surprisingly emotive and heart-clenching metallic passages like that of RIVERS OF NIHIL.  Calling upon other single-member death metal projects such as PUTRID PILE or INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY, the live performance can best be described as a reclaiming and repainting of the earth by a relentlessly sweeping and deranged berzerker appealing to the vast minions of the extreme music.  The combination of elements within MATT MILLER distills the traditions of the international metal realm, the progressive atmospheres of modernity, and reactions to a vile world into a single unrelenting persona of despair and vengeance.


IssueWire expresses their opinion on Matt’s first instrumental full-length release stating “With the constant malaise in your mind, you forget how to feel alive. Break the monotony with the cutthroat, aggressive guitarist Matt Miller who has decided to set you free from the morbid philosophy with his gratifying death metal tracks. With the high-voltage electronic shredding, his trademark sound is constantly growing. The warm and easy guitar distortions talk to the listeners about the innermost feelings he buried in his heart”.


MATT MILLER’s  first self-produced instrumental EP came in 2017, drawing on influences from classic metal bands such as MEGADETH and IRON MAIDEN to shredders like YNGWIE MALMSTEEN and PAUL GILBERT, while combining a technical death metal approach to create a maximum intensity music with a frenetic and frantic feel and ferocious atmosphere.  Since then, and a few releases into this brief career, MATT MILLER boasts 12,000 consistent monthly listeners on Spotify before hitting the international touring circuit.  This was garnered from his 2017 EP, the 2021 self-released ‘Decrepit Shed’ LP, the ‘Reekomposer/Decomposer’ covers double LP, as well as the ‘8E’s’ 1980’s themed covers LP.


Matt Miller hails from the rain soaked northern Oregon Coast; influenced by the natural foreboding environment.  Moving into the present, MATT MILLER has joined up with Extreme Management Group to spread a singularly relentless auditory mind-bend. 

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